Target Area

The target areas of the Karnali Technical School are all 10 district of the Karnali Province. Few seats are given for free competition from all over the country. Because of remoteness of the school, multi center entrance examination system has been adopted by the Karnali Technical School, Jumla. The center for entrance examination was already fixed and announced. Written examination has been conducted for all applicants. Priority has been given to the female, dalit, ethnic groups, orphans, martyr family, Madesi, disables, and general school products. The applicants who secured 40 % marks in written examination are considered as pass. Among the pass applicants who obtained highest marks were selected for the training as per the quotas allocated in the table. Out of 288 seats in seven courses, the school has distributed quota for different groups so that equity in training opportunity can be ensured. The following table will illustrate the quota allocated for different geographical area and groups.

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