Physical Facilities

The school has its own infrastructure. It has near about 652 ropanies of land which has been used for different purposes. All together there are 58 small and big buildings which are in working condition now. These buildings are used for hostels, office, classrooms, staff quarters, kitchen and dinning halls, bath room and toilet house, dispensary, livestock farm house, watchmen cabs, laboratories, assembly hall, sawmill and others. The school has its own library, where one can find books ranging from encyclopedias to textbooks and magazines. There is an assembly hall of 500 capacities, where indoor extra curricular activities and other activities are conducted. The school has its own playground too. The school also has a training hall, where audio visual facilities are available. Along with the above, the school has following

 Dispensary

 Demonstration room

 Veterinary laboratory

 Fruit processing laboratory

 Health laboratory

 Computer lab

 Chemistry lab

 Physics lab

 Vegetable nursery

 Forest nursery (needs maintenance)

 Livestock farmhouse with 2 pig, 9 goats, 14 rabbits, 2 bullocks.

 Agriculture field

 Forest area

 Sawmill with carpentry tools and equipments

 Micro hydro plant

 Apple orchard

 Grassland/pastureland

 Soil Lab

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