Introduction To KTS

Karnali Technical School (KTS), as the first technical school of Nepal is situated in one of the remotest part of Nepal. Since last 30 years, it has been serving the people of Karnali region in acquiring skill based technical education that they need to develop their own communities and personal lifestyle. More than 1989 community youths from Nepal, out of them about 85% are from Karnali region, have been trained in different technical disciplines so far. Being a fully residential school, Karnali Technical School delivers not only technical skills in respective courses but also provides an effective forum to trainees to learn culture, etiquette, civilization and behavioral dealings among the people of different settings. It�s really a kind of �GURUKUL� where students do their works themselves and live in a close spirit of brother and sisterhood.

Karnali communities are being benefited by the activities of the school. Along with its technical training programs, Karnali Technical School, serves communities with its short-term trainings and awareness programs in health, engineering and agricultural sectors. SLC failed youths from Karnali and neighboring areas are comes to Karnali Technical School each year. Having been trained in courses of their choice in two and half years, the youths involve themselves in some productive activities, service or self-entrepreneurship.   

The school is a community of more than 304 young people from diversified socio-economic and cultural background. Around 208 trainees (male and female nearly equal in number) and almost 57 staffs comprise the KTS community.

The school has a good infrastructure for teaching learning activities. Practical classes are conducted in workshops, laboratories, demonstration room, agriculture as well as forest fields, and also in community which develops confidence within the trainees.

Despite its achievements and contributions to Karnali communities as well as the whole nation, Karnali Technical School has some issues and problems to be dealt with. More people want to take training in Karnali Technical School, but due to constraints of human resources, physical facilities, and financial resources school are unable to enroll more than the quotas allocated. The courses provided by the school are the courses introduced during the time of establishment. Since last 29

years, same kind of workforce is being marketed, and now it seems that some courses have gradually been stepping on the way of saturation. As a result, some graduates are found unemployed in recent years. If the number of unemployed graduates increases year-by-year Karnali Technical School and Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) must think of for alternative courses so that the money and time of both the people and government won�t be waste. In this regard, an extensive impact study accompanying with employment study is the present need of the school.

KTS is a big masonry structure of lasting for 29 years. The buildings, more than 50 in number, and the area, 652 ropanies, need intensive maintenance work throughout the year. The budget allocated for the work is so minimal that even very small maintenance works cannot be performed with it. Therefore, a policy for a maintenance fund is the must.

What so ever, Karnali Technical School is an organization with high potentials. The need is to run it with good spirits, providing encouraging and proactive environment from all sides. Exposure and utilization of full potentials of its staffs, locality and infrastructure will surely contribute at large in spreading light in this territory of comparative darkness.

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